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Manufacturing machines FOR OVER 20 YEARS!

The company Zaridas Sotirios OE was founded in 1998 and made the vision of the founder Zarida Sotirio to create a company for the development and progress of the technology by manufacturing CNC machines for metal, marble and wood processing.

Today, Zaridas Sotirios OE is housed in its privately-owned facilities in Volos in a fully equipped state-of-the-art warehouse with spare parts warehouses and machinery exhibition.

In the last decade, Zaridas Sotirios OE has invested both in the development of its machines and in its warranty offering up to 5 years of warranty.

Our goal is to serve our customers by providing immediate solutions to the needs of each business always with respect to the customer. With constant investment in human resources and products of high technology and quality, the company Zaridas Sotirios OE guarantees the constant evolution towards a better tomorrow.

Zaridas Dimitrios

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