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cnc orthopedic machine

CNC Orthopedic Machine

  • Easy to use

  • Controlled in real time by an onboard PC, its simplicity of use will allow your technicians to master the milling of any form in one day.

  • Secure

  • During the machining cycle, the milling machine enclosure is not accessible to the operator, thus protecting him from moving parts.



  • Offers an extended milling capacity, to allow you to make all the devices you need to make.

  • Milling capacity: 1100mm x 600mm

  • Ideal for machining:

  • seat corsets

  • body jackets

  • cosmetic prostheses

  • lower members

  • verticalizers...

  • Technical characteristics:

  • HSD Spindle motor: 3000/10000 T/min

  • Power supply: 380V, 60Hz

  • Average cycle time: 20 min

  • Sound level < 80db

  • Integrated industrial PC and controller

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